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Introducing R.G.Investments


As Caribbean Shipping Maritime we first came into the maritime transport business within the Caribbean basin expanding to the Old Continent as well as the Far East carrying containers and bulk cargoes, then moving onto liquids: chemicals, vegetable oils and oil by-products mostly in the MERCOSUR area.

This brought us to the Marketing of Crude Oil, BLCO, JP54 and D2, always being certain of being direct to the Source thus allowing to be prompt with deliveries.

We manage realistic quantities to ensure timely transfer of products to our distinguished and most important Buyers. Our main objective to take orders that are obtainable.

The high demand of energy from today‘s living standards have created much added demand of energy supplies in all nations therefore requiring punctual delivery of these Supplies.

The consumption and production of energy requires for an array of policies to fit the demands for all concerned since there isn’t any one Country which is non-dependent.

The vast majority of oil is found in Kuwait, Canada, Iraq, Iran, Federation of Russian States, Saudi Arabia and as newcomers are found Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia.